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When money is tight and you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it’s natural to be concerned about wanting to limit costs. Many bankruptcy attorneys advertise “free consultations.” We don’t and here why.

You Get What You Pay For

Some free consultations are probably great. But many are little more than a hand shake and a sales pitch.

I want to know how a bankruptcy filing would impact you and your family. I need to know if bankruptcy would be right for you and, if so, if that would be a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13. Understanding the nuances of your circumstances and applying the law to them takes time.

That’s why I spend about an hour in each bankruptcy consultation going over your bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options and the pros, the cons, and the costs of each. By looking at your documents at this time, I can apply the law to your situation and give you personalized advice based on your and your family’s circumstances. I just don’t believe that can be done in a quick, free consultation.

Time is Valuable

Your time is valuable. So is mine. If you’re paying me for the time we spend together, you are more motivated to come prepared. I have a list of documents that I want you to bring with you to the meeting so I can give you concrete advice. Knowing you are investing money in your consultation with me helps to ensure that you will do your homework up front, too.

During our consultation, I’ll set aside a chunk of time to spend with you. Explaining the bankruptcy process, the difference between a chapter 7 and a chapter 13, and how it all relates to you isn’t a quick conversation.

I invest time and energy into each consultation and I believe I deserve to be paid for that time and the information and analysis that I provide to you.

Our Bankruptcy Consultations

For consumer bankruptcy consultations, Brackney Law Office charges $200. During the 60-90 minutes we spend together, I will (1) review your documents and the information you provide, (2) discuss the bankruptcy process and the different types of bankruptcy, (3) discuss your bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options and how they will impact you and your family, (4) recommend a course of action based on our discussions.

You’ll need to pay your consultation fee with either cash or a check – you can’t put your bankruptcy on a credit card!

Occasionally, there isn’t a best option due to your circumstances. I’ll be honest in those cases and we’ll discuss what options are on the table.

If you decide to file for bankruptcy with Brackney Law Office, PLLC, your consultation fee will be applied to the cost of the case. If bankruptcy isn’t right for you, then the consultation fee will go toward the time we spent together.

(If you are filing for a business, or you are a business owner/operator, give me a call and we’ll discuss the amount of your filing fee. It will likely be more because there are additional factors and complexities to consider).

Scheduling a Consultation

First, gather the documents needed. You can find the list by clicking here.

Second, schedule an appointment. You can either give me a call at (859) 559-4648 or you can use our online scheduling tool.

Third, come to the meeting. For directions to our office, click here. I look forward to meeting you.