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The Probate Estate Bank Account

So you're the executor (or administrator or personal representative) of a probate estate in Kentucky? One of your first steps is to open a bank account for the estate. Typically, an account opened for an estate is titled something like "Estate of Joseph Smith,...

Put Your Probate Case in Better Hands

In the wake of great loss, you can trust Attorney Peter Brackney to assess your family’s legal responsibilities. Contact our Lexington, KY law firm for a free probate case evaluation.

We’ll review relevant documentation and distribute assets from the estate through a will, or rely on Kentucky’s laws of intestacy if no will exists.

Handle Your Loved One’s Will With Less Stress

Probate is the process of settling and administering estates, guardianships, curatorships and name changes. Most often, it involves the administration of a loved one’s estate after they’ve died.

A probate case can be opened if the deceased left a will, or if they died without a will. Brackney Law can help family members and loved ones navigate the probate process by getting a will admitted to probate, getting a personal representative appointed for the estate, advising the representative of ongoing responsibilities to the Court and taxing authorities.

Contact Brackney Law to schedule an appointment to guide you through the probate process.