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Business Law

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3 “Legal” Podcasts You Should Listen To

Do you listen to podcasts? I have tried for years to get into podcasts and only recently have made them a staple of my routine. I like a variety of podcasts, but there are 3 "legal" podcasts I'd recommend that you (both lawyers and non-lawyers alike) might enjoy. What...

A Business Attorney May Be Your Best Investment Yet


If you’re launching a new business venture, the Brackney Law Office wants to hear all about it. Attorney Peter Brackney can offer business insight during every stage of the business life cycle. You’ve poured your time and resources into this project. Ensure you receive a return on that personal investment by contacting our local law firm. We’ll counsel you on:

Buy-sell agreements
Non-compete clauses
Contractual non-litigation
Landlord and tenant disputes
Supplier problems
Contract formation

We’ve Set a Precedent for Success

The Brackney Law Office supports your pursuit of business success in Lexington, KY. That’s why our firm strives to offer relevant and constructive business counsel. Protect your company from unexpected legal conflicts and learn how to leverage your negotiating power. Call us at 859-559-4648 to schedule a consultation and meet with our experienced attorney.