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What to Expect at Your Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

About a month after you file for bankruptcy, you will need to attend your meeting of creditors. But what should you expect when you attend? What is the Meeting of Creditors? The meeting of creditors is sometimes called the 341 meeting. "Within a reasonable time after...

What Happens After Bankruptcy?

Congratulations! You've received your bankruptcy discharge, but what happens next? Is there anything that needs to happen now that the bankruptcy is over? Here is a helpful guide to a few things that should happen after your bankruptcy. Keeping Documents During the...

Why We Don’t Offer Free Consultations

When money is tight and you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it's natural to be concerned about wanting to limit costs. Many bankruptcy attorneys advertise "free consultations." We don't and here why. You Get What You Pay For Some free consultations are...

Can I file for bankruptcy again?

If you've filed bankruptcy before to get a fresh start and have found yourself again under a mountain of debt, you may be wondering "can I file for bankruptcy again"? The answer to that question is a matter of timing, the type of bankruptcy you previously filed under...

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If you’re tempted to forgo the services of a bankruptcy attorney, stop and consider hiring Attorney Peter Brackney. Our Lexington, KY law firm will:

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Brief you on filing for bankruptcy
Review assets, liabilities and expenses
Tailor bankruptcy solutions to your circumstances

We also have a comprehensive understanding of:

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
The Fair Credit Reporting Act
The Kentucky Consumer Protection Act

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