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Estate Planning

Estate planning may not be your first thought, but preparing for the future is wise – and simpler than you might think. Provide for your children, leave your business in good hands and ensure your wishes are respected. For an estate planning attorney in Lexington, Kentucky, call 859-559-4648. Attorney Peter Brackney walks you through the process of:

Selecting an executor
Creating an estate plan
Establishing trusts
Providing for minor children


Probate is the process of settling and administering estates, guardian- ships, curatorships and name changes. Most often, it involves the administration of a loved one’s estate after they’ve died.

A probate case can be opened if the deceased left a will, or if they died without a will. Brackney Law can help family members and loved ones navigate the probate process by getting a will admitted to probate, getting a personal representative appointed for the estate, advising the representative of ongoing responsibilities to the Court and taxing authorities.