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October 16-22 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week!

At Brackney Law Office, we believe that estate planning is for everyone! Keep reading to learn about a discount that BLO is offering during Estate Planning Awareness Week on its estate planning packages.

Even though estate planning is for everyone, the majority of Americans do not have their estate plans in order. This can create confusion after death with the disposal of property and the guardianship of minor children, and it can lead to unnecessary costs as well. Neither is something you want to leave behind for your grieving loved ones.

Congress recognized the importance of Estate Planning and proclaimed the third week in October as National Estate Planning Awareness Week.

Every adult (especially those with children!) should have a will, a power of attorney, and their healthcare wishes properly written down. For many, setting up a trust is also an important part of planning. Everyone has a unique situation and you deserve a unique solution.

A Special Offer

There is no better time to plan for your family’s future than right now. Schedule your consultation during National Estate Planning Awareness Week (October 16-22) and receive $100 off your estate planning package (for details, read the ‘fine print’ below).

Learn More

From the BLO blog, here are a few posts that highlight why estate planning is for everyone:

You can read more posts at https://brackneylaw.com/tag/estate-planning/.

Fine Print

Yes, there is a little ‘fine print’. The $100 discount applies to the Basic Will Plan, the Family Will Plan, and the Living Trust Plan. Our flat fee prices for these plans is always available online by clicking here. Determining which plan is right for you will depend on your circumstances and situation; for some folks, none of these plans are appropriate due to their individual circumstances. We want to have a consultation to determine what is right for you and your family; BLO does charge a non-refundable $150 consultation fee on all estate planning matters. This amount is applied to any complete estate plan that you retain BLO to do within 45 days of the initial consultation.

What’s next?

First, download and print this fact-finder which you’ll need to bring with you to the consultation.

Second, schedule a consultation for a time that is convenient for you using our online scheduler. The discount applies only to those consultations scheduled during National Estate Planning Awareness Week (Oct. 16-22); if there are no times available during that time, please call (859) 559-4648.

Third, show up for your consultation and we’ll start crafting a plan for you and your family.